FORCED – How To Win At Games Development

What’s the most effort you’ve put into something you love? I love cheeseburgers, and earlier today I travelled from my apartment to the supermarket to pick up some buns. When I came home, I fried some burgers out of the fridge, tossed on a slice of cheese and added some sauce – it took a grand total of half an hour for my wild, unassailable dreams to come to fruition.

Compare that to the developers of FORCED, who spent three years living in tiny office spaces and houses together to create their dream game, and my five minute mastery of the frying pan seems almost irrelevant. Almost.

Well, FORCED is now out on Steam, and it made almost 400,000 euros in it’s first week.

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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Champion’s Undead Checklist

Blizzard Entertainment’s titanic action role playing game Diablo III is getting it’s first expansion, if you didn’t know. It’s called Reaper of Souls, and it looks pretty incredible – if you thought you worked your ass off to secure the Black Soulstone first time round, then be prepared for another marathon round of undead-splattering to pry it from the grips of the former Archangel of Wisdom, Malthael.

As with all new expansions, there are new things trying to kill you – so I made a rough guide about what will be trying to maul your face.

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Console Wars – Does the Customer Really Care?

This may sound like a ridiculous question at face value, and I agree – it is. Customers in the modern climate want the best value for their money, and when it comes to shelling out hundreds of pounds, dollars or euros for a machine that will be with you for the next decade, you want the very best. So when the Playstation 4 is $100 cheaper, and seems to be running on more powerful hardware, why are people still going the way of the Xbox One?

Because consumers don’t care.

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Runescape Players Pledge Billions of Gold to Charity

A new venture by Jagex, the creators of the fantasy MMORPG Runescape, allows players to freely donate their gold and in return, for every one-million gold donated, the company will donate $1 to charity. A sensational idea, especially given the fact that Runescape has an economy worse off than the outer regions of Zimbabwe, but my recollection of players of old is that they were all money-farming introverts, just like myself.

Well, I was wrong. Players have already donated over one-hundred and fifty billion gold, and there’s more on the way.

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Magicka – Can You Spell Anarchy?

A lot of games – too many perhaps – are bound by their insistence that giving the player the ability to flaunt their power and dominate their enemies is too easy. What fun is there in annihilating marauding goblins with an Armageddon-esque tempest of meteors, to conjure frostbitten earth barriers to deflect your foes’ onslaughts, to enchant your chosen weapon with arcane thunder…

You get where I’m going with this, right?

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Slender: The Arrival

If you were part of the huge playerbase for the first Slender game, then you were likely scared shitless more times than you can count. Stumbling about like a wounded foal, the flashlight illumination mimicking your shaking hand as it grips the mouse. You think if you walk backwards, you might be able to grab that final note, and then you’re left wondering if anything would ever frighten you quite as much as the faceless predator standing at your back in Parsec Productions’ first indie masterpiece.

Well, bad news. Slenderman is back, and he has stepped up his game.

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Unreal Engine 4 – Pure Particle Porn

I tweeted about this earlier last week after having a sneak peak at the article over on Eurogamer, but forgot to post about how tasty it looks. On a scale of one to anything smothered in barbecue sauce, this trailer for the Unreal Engine 4’s visual effects looks outrageously tasty.

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Watch_Dogs Delayed

Catastrophe. Horror. Ubisoft’s next generation sandbox title has been delayed until next Spring and I am nothing short of devastated. Nor am I surprised.

While I will admit that I am a pessimist when I’m keeping an eye on upcoming games, that nagging negativity is not the cause of my nonchalance – it’s because Ubisoft have gotten away with it before, and the delay was a winner.

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Let’s Play, Please

‘Buying a new game’ is right up there with ‘waking up without a hangover’ in the list of top feelings, but like many great feelings, it’s the journey that makes it worth it. How do you normally go about deciding which game you want to buy? I’m quite partial to reading reviews, but I seem to be part of a dying number with Let’s Play videos becoming massively popular on many websites, especially YouTube.

Some gaming companies, notably Nintendo, are not quite so keen on the idea.

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The Death of Screen Tearing

Hardware is not exactly my forte, but the headlines I’ve been seeing about Nvidia’s new module certainly piqued my interest. Anybody who has played games on the PC has seen the effects of screen tearing and stuttering, and if you’re as captivated by the visuals in many modern games as I am then you know that there is nothing worse.

Nvidia, however, believe that they have conquered this problem.

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