Rainbow Six Siege – Thinking Outside The Walls

Rainbow Six Siege is the intense, punishing instalment in the franchise that it so desperately needs to bring it back to the forefront alongside some of the best team first person shooter titles out there. The games, fondly remembered for how damn difficult they were, lay on the precipice of being forgotten about altogether following the empty announcement of Rainbow Six Patriots three years ago.

Don’t worry though – your prayers have been answered.

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Blowing Shit Up On The Cards for The Division

If there’s one thing that’s always drawn me to a game, it’s being able to interact with the environment, and being able to leave a dent in the world around me. From leaving a bullethole right between the eyes of my target in Hitman: Codename 47 , to blowing up bridges to derail tanks in Red Faction, that non-linearity and freedom in what you can do is immensely rewarding.

If you feel the same way, then Ubisoft’s The Division is going to be top of your wishlist.

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Watch_Dogs Delayed

Catastrophe. Horror. Ubisoft’s next generation sandbox title has been delayed until next Spring and I am nothing short of devastated. Nor am I surprised.

While I will admit that I am a pessimist when I’m keeping an eye on upcoming games, that nagging negativity is not the cause of my nonchalance – it’s because Ubisoft have gotten away with it before, and the delay was a winner.

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