The Sleeper Simulant – Worth the Time?

After once again the Destiny community into frantic disarray, the final stage of the quest revealed itself the following reset – simply giving Banshee-44 a period of time to process his thoughts will allow you to head off in search of the final piece of the puzzle – the weapon frame.

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Destiny: The Taken King – Refreshing

The new Destiny expansion has been live for almost a fortnight now, and the full scale of the expansion is coming to light. Yet, despite all the data-mining and conspiracy-theorycrafting (which I’ll come onto later), The Taken King has categorically renewed my love for the game.

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Watch_Dogs Delayed

Catastrophe. Horror. Ubisoft’s next generation sandbox title has been delayed until next Spring and I am nothing short of devastated. Nor am I surprised.

While I will admit that I am a pessimist when I’m keeping an eye on upcoming games, that nagging negativity is not the cause of my nonchalance – it’s because Ubisoft have gotten away with it before, and the delay was a winner.

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