As the weekly reset ticked over earlier today, players were met with a mission marker blinking enticingly on the Cosmodrome. The catalyst for this mission, titled The First Firewall, is to have handed in all 4 weapon components to the Gunsmith at the Tower. There’s no way to track them, but should you be successful in getting them to drop through random strikes and farming, you’ll see this quest too.

After travelling through the mismatched Fallen mercenaries who dot the path to Rasputin’s front door, the path leads you left – into the same room Omnigul locked you in in the hopes of slaying you two expansions prior. Your welcome into this room is equally unpleasant, as Hive and Taken gateways open up and pour out a plethora of Knights with your only direction being to ‘survive’. Not content to leave it at a handful, the Knights replenish their numbers after you clear a wave, with an ultra Knight making an appearance at the end of the fight.

The key here is to maintain good cover and pick off the Taken knights first. They lack shields, so popping them from range with a scout rifle or pulse rifle will deal with them quickly. The spot at your 10/11 o’clock across the room has a pillar by two sets of stairs and a guardrail that can catch a lot of cannon fodder that will be heading your way. The legendary/exotic swords are fantastic for combating the Hive knights who deign to fight you face-to-face, usually stumbling at the first swing and dying after the second.

The ultra who appears last summons a final wave of Knights with him, so make sure to dispatch them with extreme prejudice. After they drop, you’ll have no problems making sure the big guy follows suit. Make sure not to give into hubris and rush the boss unless you’re sure he’s going to die first – he summons fresh adds after the previous wave dies, so use that time in between to make him suffer.

Upon completion, you’ll pick up an item called Curious Transceiver which requires a series of input codes. The kind community over at reddit have compiled pictures of the codes for us, so put those in and you’ll be rewarded with Curious Transceiver (Broadcasting). The signal points you to the Devil’s Spire in the Cosmodrome, and warns you of the impending darkness that intends to beat you to it.

Once the mission begins, you’ll be aware of a 4 minute timer. Although you might be tempted to stand your ground and fight from room to room, you must rush as fast as you can to the top of the spire – stopping to fight will waste valuable time. Once you reach the top, you’ll be greeted by a cache which you can open to find nothing; the Taken have already beaten you to it. Fortunately, they’re foolish enough to confront you, which presents you with whatever time you have left to kill them.

The enemies in question are three champion Taken Wizards atop each building. Take to your preferred spot in the room (mine is the building on the left) and give them everything you’ve got. If you have offensive specials, use them here – any time saved will be invaluable as the Wizards are particularly gifted at seeking cover in dire straits, allowing their shield to regenerate.

Adds spawn intermittently throughout the fight, especially the shadow thralls, so make sure to hit the Wizards with impact in order to keep them on the back foot and stop them casting. Focus fire the next closest Wizard, take their cover and do the same with the next one until the room is clear. Once it is, you’ll receive an exotic relic called IKELOS Fusion Core which will sit in your inventory. As soon as the last Wizard dies, the mission will complete and the relic will enter your inventory, so make sure to focus fire each one individually. I managed to do mine with 2 seconds left to spare, so don’t take too long.

The IKELOS Fusion Core is also interactive in the same as the Curious Transceiver was – except this one is asking for parts, not passcodes.

– The top right node asks for you to dismantle a legendary heavy weapon in order to take its Heavy Power Coupling. Both Year 1 and Year 2 weapons work with this, and so do Exotics.

– After that, head to Venus and complete ‘The Archives’ mission on any difficulty to obtain Ionized Shell Harmonics because, well, what kind of weapon would it be without them?

– The third, fourth and fifth slots require you to complete a ‘Defend the Warsat’ public event on Earth, Mars and the Moon. Doing so will give you to the respective parts. The Destiny Public Event tracker is a great tool to track the public events as they happen, so make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

Take your relic to the Gunsmith at the Tower to receive your Reassembled IKELOS Fusion Core and – well – that’s it for now. The quest line goes cold for now, but make sure to keep an eye out for future updates! If you’re looking for more timely updates, don’t forget to check out the megathread over on the Destiny subreddit.