The Sleeper Simulant – Worth the Time?

After once again the Destiny community into frantic disarray, the final stage of the quest revealed itself the following reset – simply giving Banshee-44 a period of time to process his thoughts will allow you to head off in search of the final piece of the puzzle – the weapon frame.

A quick – albeit painful – trip to a light level 280 version of the FALLEN S.A.B.E.R strike will grant you your frame, and taking it back to the Gunsmith in the tower will reward you with this heavy portable antimatter cannon.

So how does it do?

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Destiny: The Taken King – Refreshing

The new Destiny expansion has been live for almost a fortnight now, and the full scale of the expansion is coming to light. Yet, despite all the data-mining and conspiracy-theorycrafting (which I’ll come onto later), The Taken King has categorically renewed my love for the game.

Oryx is the most deadly force yet to threaten the light, but is also the catalyst for great and necessary change.

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