Just Cause 2 Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas is a time of giving, of outlandish woolly jumpers and spending time with family. It’s a time to enjoy yourself, and the best way to enjoy yourself is playing amazing games and leaving the relatives to ramble to themselves about how much you’ve grown.

So to kick the festive giveaway off, I’m giving away a Steam key for Just Cause 2!

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DICE Launching Battlefield 4 Double XP Week to Make Amends

Lots of games have experienced some unfortunate launches (SimCity, anybody?), and unfortunately DICE’s FPS behemoth Battlefield 4 didn’t manage to make a clean break.

Never fear, however, as the developers are hoping to make Christmas come early.

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Magicka – Can You Spell Anarchy?

A lot of games – too many perhaps – are bound by their insistence that giving the player the ability to flaunt their power and dominate their enemies is too easy. What fun is there in annihilating marauding goblins with an Armageddon-esque tempest of meteors, to conjure frostbitten earth barriers to deflect your foes’ onslaughts, to enchant your chosen weapon with arcane thunder…

You get where I’m going with this, right?

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