Battlefield: Hardline – Such Concept, Much Prototype

Okay, so Electronic Arts haven’t had too much real stuff to showcase at the biggest gaming convention of the year, and that’s fine because all their games look really nice and I’m sure they’ll all be lovely when they’re finished.

Wait, that’s not really how it works, is it?

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DICE Go Democratic With Battlefield 4 Fixes

If you’ve purchased DICE’s epic first person shooter Battlefield 4 across any platform, you will likely have noticed that it had a few discernible ‘issues’ at the beginning. And for a while after that. And now too, come to think of it.

Fear not, however, because developers have taken the democratic route and are now asking players what they want to see changed.

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Battlefield 4 – What’s the Problem?

Battlefield 4 players have reported a lot of issues since it’s release just over a month ago, and developers DICE have been working tirelessly to try and fix them.

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DICE Launching Battlefield 4 Double XP Week to Make Amends

Lots of games have experienced some unfortunate launches (SimCity, anybody?), and unfortunately DICE’s FPS behemoth Battlefield 4 didn’t manage to make a clean break.

Never fear, however, as the developers are hoping to make Christmas come early.

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