DICE Launching Battlefield 4 Double XP Week to Make Amends

Lots of games have experienced some unfortunate launches (SimCity, anybody?), and unfortunately DICE’s FPS behemoth Battlefield 4 didn’t manage to make a clean break.

Never fear, however, as the developers are hoping to make Christmas come early.

The game is the latest installment in a longstanding series, and is piloting some amazing gameplay elements. If you haven’t seen people leveling structures, then check out the video below. Yeah, that really is an accessible skyscraper getting reduced to rubble.

Despite all the good, there has been a lot of bad too. DICE head honcho Karl Magnus Troedsson has spoken out to assure fans that the development team are working on all the issues to date, which include server instability and crashes, as well as players losing their progress – a nightmare for those spending a lot of time on it upon release.

As well as incoming fixes, players are to receive some nice gifts to compensate them for their frustration. From November 28th to December 5th, players will gain a double experience perk, hopefully allowing players to make up the progress they may have lost. No word on perks being released to replace the hair people have torn out so far.

Calm the fuck down Steve, double xp is coming.
Calm the fuck down Steve, double xp is coming.

Alongside boosted experience, players will also receive an exclusive scope for the M1911 Pistol. It has a standard 3x optical zoom, and is available to all classes for people who log on on December 5th.

It’s always nice to see developers making amends for past mistakes, and having your online servers plagued with issues upon release is a cardinal sin in the modern day. Troedsson has stated that the team won’t be moving onto other projects until the game ‘meets, and exceeds, your expectations.’

You can’t say fairer than that.

Author: graemefinch

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