World of Warcraft: Daughters of Draenor Get a Revamp

As we’ve known since Blizzcon last November, the character models in World of Warcraft are getting updated across the board to match the breathtaking visuals that Blizzard are able to display in-game, as well as the more recent player races.

In the latest Artcraft instalment, WoW’s Senior Art Director Chris Robinson has revealed what he and his team have been up to with updating the female orc models.

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DICE Launching Battlefield 4 Double XP Week to Make Amends

Lots of games have experienced some unfortunate launches (SimCity, anybody?), and unfortunately DICE’s FPS behemoth Battlefield 4 didn’t manage to make a clean break.

Never fear, however, as the developers are hoping to make Christmas come early.

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Steam – Download While You Play

Good news, Steam users (I’m presuming that’s every single one of you) – you can now download your games in the background while you play other games. Huzzah! The minor update also allows you to choose the time of day that Steam charters it’s automatic downloads, so slowing down your online experience is a non-issue.