World of Warcraft Shadowlands is coming for your mounts… and other things

World of Warcraft‘s upcoming expansion Shadowlands began its beta testing in the past week, and news has followed that it will be harder – and in some cases, impossible – to obtain some mounts found in the current expansion when Shadowlands hits the live servers.

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Switching Mains in Shadowlands – Death Knight Class Changes

The original hero class, Death Knights have had a solid expansion in Battle for Azeroth. Having mained my own Death Knight for large swathes of patch 8.2 and 8.3, Unholy and Blood in Mythic+ and raids has proven so enjoyable that I’m now faced with the prospect of not switching my main at all when Shadowlands is released.

Why? Because Death Knights are looking baller.

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World of Warcraft – The Horde Will Get Away With Genocide, As Blizzard Moves to Erase Past Transgressions in Shadowlands

Ian Bates, better known as Red Shirt Guy for his heroic lines of questions during BlizzCon panels, recently tweeted that references to the War of the Thorns, the Battle of Lordaeron, and azerite in general is being removed for both Horde and Alliance in the new leveling format. Massive, enormously consequential storylines are being ignored and are not considered essential for new or leveling players.

Moreover, the Forsaken intro quests define them as “tirelessly striving to protect the living”, in stark contrast to their entire existence in the story from Vanilla to where we are now.

Spoilers ahead.

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Switching Mains in Shadowlands – Shaman Class Changes

Shamans have suffered through World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion Battle for Azeroth, with all three specializations experiencing hardships at one point or another. Blizzard developers have been criticized left and right for not understanding players’ grievances, but the Shadowlands alpha testing has revealed some pretty promising changes.

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WoW: Shadowlands – Torghast, Warcraft’s Roguelike Adventure

Each new expansion for World of Warcraft brings with it new activities and gameplay experiences to enjoy, some of them winners and some of them not. Blizzard’s upcoming expansion Shadowlands is building on popular roguelike elements to challenge players with Torghast, Tower of the Damned – an ever-changing prison filled with levels, loot, and undead lackies.

So will it be a winner, or not?

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands – Global Cooldown Changes Not Reverted, Despite Player Feedback

Following a successful expansion in Legion almost four years ago, Blizzard developers surprised players by announcing a tentative change on the then-latest alpha build which would add certain cooldown abilities onto the global cooldown – the 1.5 second base period between casting or using abilities in-game.

With Shadowlands fast approaching towards the end of the year, it seems as though the global cooldown will remain on those same abilities – and that’s a mistake.

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Warlords of Draenor – A Fresh Start

World of Warcraft has been my vice for the past six years, and has commanded a lot of my time. Once I shook off the totally legitimate preconception that buying the game would be problematic for my teenage education, I dived in head first. And I loved it.


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World of Warcraft: Daughters of Draenor Get a Revamp

As we’ve known since Blizzcon last November, the character models in World of Warcraft are getting updated across the board to match the breathtaking visuals that Blizzard are able to display in-game, as well as the more recent player races.

In the latest Artcraft instalment, WoW’s Senior Art Director Chris Robinson has revealed what he and his team have been up to with updating the female orc models.

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Diablo III Release Date Leak & Beta Information

Reddit can often be a hub of misinformation and speculation, and sometimes people tell outright fibs. Occasionally, however, you get Blizzard’s Russian tech support guy confirming the release date for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

I’m assuming who ever dropped that bombshell is probably on the receiving end of a lengthy disciplinary by now.

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NSA & GCHQ Spying on Players in World of Warcraft

Have you ever felt, while advertising your tanking services in the trade chat of Orgrimmar or discussing the circumference of your opponent’s mother’s behind in Call of Duty: Ghosts online, that you might be being watched? That your words and actions are being notated and analysed by government officials? No? Me neither.

It would seem we were wrong then – nowhere is safe from the purview of the law – not even in online gaming.

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