Battlefield: Hardline – Such Concept, Much Prototype

Okay, so Electronic Arts haven’t had too much real stuff to showcase at the biggest gaming convention of the year, and that’s fine because all their games look really nice and I’m sure they’ll all be lovely when they’re finished.

Wait, that’s not really how it works, is it?

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FIFA 15 – Now With Bouncier Crossbars

After spending ages trying to finally get IGN’s stream for E3 sorted, my screen flew straight into Electronic Arts showcasing their up-and-coming sports titles.

Theatrical hyperbole aside, the next FIFA looks like it will be good fun.

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Renounce Your Social Life As SimCity Introduces Offline Mode

Over a year after one of the worst game releases in history, the developers over at Maxis have finally released update 10 – the patch that will give users the option of playing SimCity without an internet connection.

It was no secret that users were enraged by the server issues when the game was released in March last year, so much so that Lucy Bradshaw, Maxis’ General Manager, published an open letter to fans in the hope of addressing the issues on show.

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Virtual Reality Crusaders: EA And More Unite To Maintain VR Standards

With virtual reality and augmented reality equipment receiving the attention it deserves in the world of gaming, it is no surprise that the forces that be have united under one banner to keep the development on the straight and narrow.

A group dedicated to the betterment of these new technologies already existed as The 3D Stereoscopic Alliance and has been running since 2009, but advancements have called for a rebranding. Apparently The Galactic Virtual Reality Senate was taken, so instead they have opted for The Immersive Technology Alliance.

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Dungeon Keeper: Fabricated Ratings & Microtransaction Madness

One of my earliest memories in gaming was waiting for my older brother to stop playing Dungeon Keeper on our old PC so I could play it myself. He and I adored it, and are amongst the thousands of people who are still waiting for a worthy remake. The thousands of dungeon marauding fans like ourselves were not waiting, however, for a calamitous iOS/Android remake which tears the soul of the game out by the roots and replaces it with a hollow port which has room for little more than your credit card details.

And yet, here we are.

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DICE Go Democratic With Battlefield 4 Fixes

If you’ve purchased DICE’s epic first person shooter Battlefield 4 across any platform, you will likely have noticed that it had a few discernible ‘issues’ at the beginning. And for a while after that. And now too, come to think of it.

Fear not, however, because developers have taken the democratic route and are now asking players what they want to see changed.

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World Class Hackers Bring Steam To A Standstill. Also Sarcasm

No, I’m not being sarcastic about Steam being brought to a standstill – a series of DDoS attacks really have kept users out of most of Steam’s utilities over the course of today. Rather, my sarcasm extends to the pair who are mounting these ‘attacks’ and consider themselves hackers, rather than just your average anti-establishmentarian douche with a keyboard and a deathwish.

Anyone could download a DDoS program and assault one of the world’s largest distributor of video games – it’s just that nobody’s stupid enough to do it.

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Battlefield 4 – What’s the Problem?

Battlefield 4 players have reported a lot of issues since it’s release just over a month ago, and developers DICE have been working tirelessly to try and fix them.

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