Renounce Your Social Life As SimCity Introduces Offline Mode

Over a year after one of the worst game releases in history, the developers over at Maxis have finally released update 10 – the patch that will give users the option of playing SimCity without an internet connection.

It was no secret that users were enraged by the server issues when the game was released in March last year, so much so that Lucy Bradshaw, Maxis’ General Manager, published an open letter to fans in the hope of addressing the issues on show.

Amazon identified the problems that players were experiencing too, and even chose to suspend sales until the issues were resolved.

Bradshaw was adamant that an offline mode did not fit in with the company’s vision – a vision which has changed considerably since release.

Progressive certainly does describe Maxis' approach.
Progressive certainly does describe Maxis’ approach.

The update, being released today, will allow players to save their cities and load previous instances of their regions, meaning that users are free to wreak havoc on their unsuspecting population as often as they like. Over on Reddit, Maxis have detailed a list of FAQ’s, and are also maintaining correspondence with the community.

Part of the questions coming forward are to do with modding, to which Maxis have said that “being Offline does open the game to your modding and we have plans to release information on how to make offline mods from our dev team in the coming weeks in a number of blog posts.”

Is it enough to rectify the problems that players have experienced, or simply a step in the right direction?

Author: graemefinch

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2 thoughts on “Renounce Your Social Life As SimCity Introduces Offline Mode”

  1. It’s probably too little too late at this stage. I hear that a lot of players are unhappy with the city sizes, which this patch doesn’t address.

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