Renounce Your Social Life As SimCity Introduces Offline Mode

Over a year after one of the worst game releases in history, the developers over at Maxis have finally released update 10 – the patch that will give users the option of playing SimCity without an internet connection.

It was no secret that users were enraged by the server issues when the game was released in March last year, so much so that Lucy Bradshaw, Maxis’ General Manager, published an open letter to fans in the hope of addressing the issues on show.

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SimCity DLC – Sponsored by an Insurance Company?

Yes, you did read that headline correctly – Maxis’ city-building behemoth is now loaning itself out to the whim of the Progressive Insurance Group, a system of insurance companies from the US. The downloadable content is free, which is nice, but I can’t help but feel a little odd about downloading it nonetheless.

It does have it’s uses though.

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