Simcity – In Abramovich’s footsteps

I finally managed to get my mitts on SimCity today, and to say its been hard to put down would be an understatement.

No, seriously.

I finally managed to get my mitts on Simcity today, and to say it’s been hard to put down would be an understatement.

No, seriously.

Aside from some technical issues concerning the servers (10 minute wait? I think not!) the experience has been fantastic. Starting off slow and learning the ropes is a lot of fun, and the AI is forgiving enough to let you explore a bit. I feel like I’m actually running the industrial paradise of Finchburg, whilst still being able to bugger about. Forget to build a garbage disposal system? No worries! My Finchburganites – trademark pending – didn’t seem to care too much, as long as I slapped in the occasional BBQ pit.

So far, my borderline communist suburb has thrived on plundering and exporting oil, with my largely proletariat population operating a stalwart industrial sector. As my export capacity grows, I’ll be able to invest in even cooler things – a refinery which converts my crude oil into plastic for example. That might sound as exciting as a Crocs gift card for Christmas, but lump sums of plastic export for roughly 3 times the profit of raw crude oil. Not bad, eh?

I’m still in that wonderful stage of trial and error with my zone placements and investment, but so far my tax revenue is in the black. I am beginning to run out of room in Soviet Finchburg, so I’ll probably point the Eye of Sauron towards one of the homelier settlements, drain all its water and oil and buy a football club. Stay tuned!

Author: graemefinch

Teacher, avid Warcrafter, gifted Dungeons and Dragons character creator. Passionate about all things high fantasy and RPG.

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