FIFA 15 – The Class of ’14

I am obsessed with the FIFA academy system. No matter what new features EA may deign to introduce throughout the life of the next-generation consoles and beyond, as long as they don’t faff around with the academy system too much they’ll have a loyal customer in me. Sure, I like playing online with friends or competitively when people are over, but it’s the youth system that keeps me coming back for more. It’s beyond addictive. As a Manchester United fan I’ll never shake the romanticism and nostalgia that came with the class of ’92.

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FIFA 15 – Now With Bouncier Crossbars

After spending ages trying to finally get IGN’s stream for E3 sorted, my screen flew straight into Electronic Arts showcasing their up-and-coming sports titles.

Theatrical hyperbole aside, the next FIFA looks like it will be good fun.

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Manchester United Fans Invited To Trade In Season Tickets At GAME

As well as a lover of games, I’m also an avid football fan, and anyone following the sport this season will know that Manchester United’s tepid attempt at a title defense has led many fans to become disillusioned with their new manager David Moyes. Although perhaps on a lesser scale, newly promoted Cardiff City fans and struggling West Bromwich Albion fans are also feeling the strain.

And that’s where GAME have stepped in to make times a little more enjoyable for fans, with the opportunity to trade in your season tickets for one of the three major football games.

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