Manchester United Fans Invited To Trade In Season Tickets At GAME

As well as a lover of games, I’m also an avid football fan, and anyone following the sport this season will know that Manchester United’s tepid attempt at a title defense has led many fans to become disillusioned with their new manager David Moyes. Although perhaps on a lesser scale, newly promoted Cardiff City fans and struggling West Bromwich Albion fans are also feeling the strain.

And that’s where GAME have stepped in to make times a little more enjoyable for fans, with the opportunity to trade in your season tickets for one of the three major football games.

If you bring a valid 2013/14 season ticket for Cardiff, West Brom or United into a participating GAME store throughout the United Kingdom on Saturday, they will give you the choice of either FIFA 14, Football Manager or, if you’re feeling especially self-sabotaging, Pro Evolution Soccer.

Outrageous and controversial though it may be, the move by GAME still exists as a satirical reflection on what has been a largely disastrous season for the Red Devils under Moyes’ leadership. Whether fans are tempted enough by the offer to make the swap remains to be seen. I seriously hope they are not.

Author: graemefinch

Teacher, avid Warcrafter, gifted Dungeons and Dragons character creator. Passionate about all things high fantasy and RPG.

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