It’s finally here. After a tremendous showing in both the closed and open beta stages, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has made the leap from PC and is now available on the iPad from the Apple Store.

And the best part of all this? It’s still absolutely free.

The addictive turn-based strategy game has made big splash over the past year and, having obtained a beta key myself last year, I could see why. Even though the game was in a functioning test phase, it was enormous fun and practically seamless in design. Once the open beta started and more people started joining in, queues were shortened and the game really came into its own.


What really sets Hearthstone aside from every game I’ve ever seen on the Apple Store is that it not only has depth, but a far more palpable approach to microtransactions. The team at Blizzard working on Hearthstone, though relatively small, are sure to protect the integrity of the system with smart prices for card packs and a well-balanced system for obtaining them outside of spending real-world cash.

Sufficed to say I’m confident that Hearthstone will not be delegated to the realms of utter disappointment in the way that EA’s botched mobile remake of Dungeon Keeper was.

Blizzard have also stated that a single-player campaign mode is on the way, with the first instalment taking you through the scourge necropolis of Naxxramas.

Interestingly, the game has not been released at all for Android yet, but is on it’s way according to the Hearthstone team.

I implore you, if you have an iPad, go and buy Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Then, after you’ve downloaded it, go and get your friends to download it too.

Oh, and don’t forget that you can’t be logged in to the PC version and the iPad version at the same time. Especially if you’re trying to line up a cool inception-esque pictures.