Christmas is a time of giving, of outlandish woolly jumpers and spending time with family. It’s a time to enjoy yourself, and the best way to enjoy yourself is playing amazing games and leaving the relatives to ramble to themselves about how much you’ve grown.

So to kick the festive giveaway off, I’m giving away a Steam key for Just Cause 2!

If getting your mitts on a copy of Just Cause 2 wasn’t prize enough, it’s worth bearing in mind that Steam has just released it’s multiplayer mod – meaning you can enjoy grapple-hooking your friends to anything that moves in Panau online.

Just like my Hearthstone key giveaway, all you need to do is follow me on Twitter and retweet this tweet to be in for a chance of winning. On December 27th at 10pm GMT, I’ll randomly pick a winner from those that have entered and send them the key via direct message. Easy!

Good luck!