Phewph, that was a lot of World of Warcraft related stuff. I’m taking a break from it for the moment, because I know there’s going to be even more announcements to write about, and I don’t want to get crippling excitement pains. Well, not just yet anyway.

Fortunately, Blizzard make quite a few immense games, and they have just announced another one.

Heroes of the Storm is brand new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (MOBA) and features all the big characters from across Blizzard’s repertoire of games. Confused? Watch this, because what you’re thinking is probably right.

The games last twenty minutes, and give you the opportunity to play with friends in a variety of different maps with a variety of different gameplay options. Take a peak at what it looks like ingame.

Looks awesome, right? Fluid and, to quote them, ‘nonstop mayhem’ – exactly what you want in a MOBA.

A lot of the titanic characters translate into the game well too. If you’re choosing heroes like Diablo and Arthas, simple coloured armor changes will show differences in team.