More information has come out about Blizzard’s new venture Heroes of the Storm, this time showcasing the kinds of heroes players will be able to utilise ingame.

Here’s what I’ve found so far.

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The models look great, and the mixed designs for the heroes looks to be a great idea. As developers have mentioned, the synergy between the games can lead to a blend of different character styles – Tyrael could have a demonic form, Uther could be sporting some mech-armour, Thrall could have a bad streak and a penchant for zerging – the possibilities are endless.

Developers also mentioned the ability to choose your own hero abilities – the move that defines your hero’s arsenal. Arthas, as an example, has the ability to summon Sindragosa from the Warcraft universe to wreak sweet merry hell across the battlefield, or he might be able to use Frostmourne to summon the souls of the damned to aid him. Thrall could see some frightful use of the Doomhammer, Diablo an area-of-effect knockback – speculation, of course, but cool concepts nonetheless.

It looks all very exciting so far, and you can sign up to the Heroes of the Storm beta to get a chance at playing it before anyone else.

Good luck!