Civilization 6: Who Are The Best Leaders? – Science Victory

If domination is not your preferred path to victory in Civilization VI, fret not – there are plenty of other ways to win. Colonizing Mars is as good a way as any, and can ensure that you don’t have to suffer the hardships of a global climate crisis after you manufacture all your rockets. Leave those other, less science-inclined philistines to mop up the mess.

This time I’m going to dive in to my top 3 civilizations – in no particular order – for reaching the stars and winning a science victory, and what makes them so adept at doing so.

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Escapades in Seoul

It’s been roughly a fortnight since I finally boarded the plane with two suitcases and a hard-fought visa to start teaching in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve visited my brother (who I’m living with) here on several occasions, so the city itself didn’t scare me. I have, however, never taught children before. I have no education degree, no relevant qualifications from back home, but most other foreigners who come here to teach are exactly the same. It’s nuts.

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