Diablo Community Aid Blizzard in Creation of Next Legendary

Opening up the floor to the community has its positives and its negatives, and in the gaming world you may just be taking your own life in your hands. Runescape developers Jagex have had reaped the rewards with their new community polling system on recent updates, and it seems to be going pretty well.

Plus, if they don’t like it, you have complete deniability – what’s not to like?

Rather than balancing updates, Blizzard have decided to run a poll which allows the Nephalem masses to vote for the features of the new Diablo III legendary weapon – a one-handed sword inspired by the Lord of Hatred himself, Mephisto.

Rather than giving people free reign on what they think the weapon should be, Diablo’s developers have narrowed down the options and allowed the community to vote on various powers, weapon types and themes, ending in the final process – the name.

What do we know about it so far?

– It’s a one-handed sword
– The theme is that of the Lord of Hatred, Mephisto
– When you attack with elemental damage, you’ll have a chance to trigger a special attack courtesy of the sword. Cold damage could trigger Freezing Skull, Lightning damage could fire off a Charged Bolt and Poison damage could cause a Poison Nova.

So far, it looks like this.
So far, it looks like this.

The process continues, however, and in two days time the voting will close on what the legendary weapon will be called. If you fancy weighing in on it’s creation, you can vote here. If you want to see the progress on the visuals, you can check it out here.

Author: graemefinch

Teacher, avid Warcrafter, gifted Dungeons and Dragons character creator. Passionate about all things high fantasy and RPG.

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