GTA:V – Everything’s Better With Lightsabers

GTA:V was a resounding success; a newly-crowned king on the throne of the titanic sandbox genre. The game had everything – a variety of modifiable guns, customisable cars and a myriad of airborne vehicles with destructive arsenals. Scripted and voice-acted storylines. Amicable characters. Multiplayer. Sharks.

But, there was one thing it was missing…

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The Binding of Isaac – Greedy Glutes

A few weeks after arriving in South Korea to begin teaching, my brother pointed me to the Youtube feed of a guy who he listened to a lot – Northernlion. In the absence of typically hearing a western voice over here outside of work, he’d become quite accustomed to watching his videos and wanted to share them with me, notably Northernlion’s The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth series. Though skeptical at first, I was soon hooked and downloading it myself. Here I am 8 months later having put 200 hours into the game myself, and the latest DLC – Afterbirth – has a lot of great stuff to throw into an already hectic mix.

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