Manchester United Fans Invited To Trade In Season Tickets At GAME

As well as a lover of games, I’m also an avid football fan, and anyone following the sport this season will know that Manchester United’s tepid attempt at a title defense has led many fans to become disillusioned with their new manager David Moyes. Although perhaps on a lesser scale, newly promoted Cardiff City fans and struggling West Bromwich Albion fans are also feeling the strain.

And that’s where GAME have stepped in to make times a little more enjoyable for fans, with the opportunity to trade in your season tickets for one of the three major football games.

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Diablo III Bids Adieu To The Auction House

As of 3am Pacific Standard Time, Diablo III players across the world will no longer be able to put their hard earned trinkets and gem encrusted pantaloons on the Auction House.

This change, which has been coming for many months now, will see a discontinuation of all real-money and gold auctions taking place in the game.

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Renounce Your Social Life As SimCity Introduces Offline Mode

Over a year after one of the worst game releases in history, the developers over at Maxis have finally released update 10 – the patch that will give users the option of playing SimCity without an internet connection.

It was no secret that users were enraged by the server issues when the game was released in March last year, so much so that Lucy Bradshaw, Maxis’ General Manager, published an open letter to fans in the hope of addressing the issues on show.

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Virtual Reality Crusaders: EA And More Unite To Maintain VR Standards

With virtual reality and augmented reality equipment receiving the attention it deserves in the world of gaming, it is no surprise that the forces that be have united under one banner to keep the development on the straight and narrow.

A group dedicated to the betterment of these new technologies already existed as The 3D Stereoscopic Alliance and has been running since 2009, but advancements have called for a rebranding. Apparently The Galactic Virtual Reality Senate was taken, so instead they have opted for The Immersive Technology Alliance.

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