World of Warcraft: Daughters of Draenor Get a Revamp

As we’ve known since Blizzcon last November, the character models in World of Warcraft are getting updated across the board to match the breathtaking visuals that Blizzard are able to display in-game, as well as the more recent player races.

In the latest Artcraft instalment, WoW’s Senior Art Director Chris Robinson has revealed what he and his team have been up to with updating the female orc models.

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Subnautica: Procedurally Generate Your Own Underwater Terrain

I wrote a piece back in December about Subnautica; a fantastic looking game which will let you explore an underwater world full of inhospitable areas and creatures straight from your nightmares, with nothing more than your own personal submarine and a love for exploration which borders on the suicidal.

Well, the guys over at Unknown Worlds have gone ahead and released their terrain generator for user testing, so you can try it out and create your own underwater areas for free.

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Dungeon Keeper: Fabricated Ratings & Microtransaction Madness

One of my earliest memories in gaming was waiting for my older brother to stop playing Dungeon Keeper on our old PC so I could play it myself. He and I adored it, and are amongst the thousands of people who are still waiting for a worthy remake. The thousands of dungeon marauding fans like ourselves were not waiting, however, for a calamitous iOS/Android remake which tears the soul of the game out by the roots and replaces it with a hollow port which has room for little more than your credit card details.

And yet, here we are.

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