Just Cause 2 Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas is a time of giving, of outlandish woolly jumpers and spending time with family. It’s a time to enjoy yourself, and the best way to enjoy yourself is playing amazing games and leaving the relatives to ramble to themselves about how much you’ve grown.

So to kick the festive giveaway off, I’m giving away a Steam key for Just Cause 2!

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Are eSports Real? No, Say People With No Connection to Video Gaming

Unsurprisingly, a contingent of ex-sports stars on America’s HBO channel have deemed eSports as not a real sport. Arguments go both ways, of course, and the definition between sport and competition is always contentious.

What is a little surprising, from a group of professionals, is the flagrant ignorance apparent throughout the discussion.

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ItsJustJumby Creates Minecraft 3D Printer

There are hundreds, possibly thousand of absurd creations that can be made using Minecraft’s tools, and it’s that sandbox freedom that has made it such a flagship name in the video gaming industry. A lot of the coolest things I’ve created and played around with have been based in mods created by the outside community – but not everything needs outside help.

Using an absurd combination of redstone equipment, and what I’m convinced is some sort of witchcraft, YouTuber ItsJustJumby has created a 3-Dimensional Printer.

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NSA & GCHQ Spying on Players in World of Warcraft

Have you ever felt, while advertising your tanking services in the trade chat of Orgrimmar or discussing the circumference of your opponent’s mother’s behind in Call of Duty: Ghosts online, that you might be being watched? That your words and actions are being notated and analysed by government officials? No? Me neither.

It would seem we were wrong then – nowhere is safe from the purview of the law – not even in online gaming.

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No Man’s Sky Is The Limit

Picture science fiction in your head. You might be thinking of H.G Wells’ War of The Worlds, or George Orwell’s vision of the future. Maybe Lovecraft makes an appearance. Dystopia. Post-apocalyptic lands. Well, Sean Murray, the Managing Director of Hello Games, challenges that portrayal.

His vision comes together in the most exciting preview at the VGX Awards – No Man’s Sky.

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Blowing Shit Up On The Cards for The Division

If there’s one thing that’s always drawn me to a game, it’s being able to interact with the environment, and being able to leave a dent in the world around me. From leaving a bullethole right between the eyes of my target in Hitman: Codename 47 , to blowing up bridges to derail tanks in Red Faction, that non-linearity and freedom in what you can do is immensely rewarding.

If you feel the same way, then Ubisoft’s The Division is going to be top of your wishlist.

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